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Understanding competition when selecting keywords is without a doubt the most important thing you must consider before putting all of your time and effort into trying to rank your site or pages for those keywords. Market Samurai is designed to save you time and money. Everyone knows that if the competition is too stiff you might find yourself at a dead end after a lot of effort.

When choosing a keyword to rank your pages for you need to consider more than just keyword competition. Many people use Google Adwords because it’s free but find that words they have chosen because they appear to have a low competition rating are in fact extremely hard to rank for. In many cases these keywords are being targeted by major authority sites with hundreds of thousands of back-links and high page ranks. The reality is you could spend years of hard work trying to rank for these keywords and never even get close to the first page of google.

That’s where Market Samurai can make a huge difference. By using the SEO competition tools on Market Samurai you can quickly get a visual presentation that shows you exactly what kind of competition you might be up against for a specific keyword. This feature is priceless and can save you countless hours of fruitless effort.

Market Samurai Discount
Market Samurai SEO Competion Matrix

Market Samurai has added some new additions to their SEO competition matrix. With the new Citation Flow and Trust Flow features you can get an accurate map of your competitors back-links. Quickly and easily you can see if your competitors have strong back-links or a bunch of low quality spam links.


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Market Samurai Backlink Blueprint

How do you use these tools? There are a few ways that these tools can be used to exploit the strengths of your competitors to your advantage. If your competitor has mainly low quality, spammy back-links you can be assured that a small amount of link building effort with higher quality sites can easily land you ahead of them in rankings in a fairly short period of time.

If your competitors links are from mostly quality sites don’t give up. In fact, you can use the back-link information in these new Market Samurai tools to reverse engineer your competitors back-links. Simply put, if your competitor has links from a certain site you can most likely get links from that site as well as long as you have decent content on your site. Use their back-link blueprint to find sites to link to and increase your web ranking.

In conclusion, Market Samurai is always on the cutting edge. They take thier product and thier customers seriously and they are consistently offering updates and new tools. Best part of all is that these updates and tools are free for life for all of thier customers.

You can check out Market Samurai for free and get a great rebate discount when you decide to purchase. Get Your Market Samurai Discount and Free Trial Here.

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