Google Keyword Tool is Gone- What Now?

As You Have Probably Noticed the Google Keyword Tool is Gone

For years many internet google keyword tool is gonemarketers have used the Google keyword tool and it has been the go to tool for doing keyword research and selecting topics to write content about.

So what is everyone going to do now that the Google keyword tool is never coming back?

You can find a deep discount on keyword software like Market Samurai or Longtail Pro and start using one of those. That’s honestly the best option.

You can use the keyword planning tool but you will probably find that it isn’t as good.

The Google keyword tool has been replaced by the Google keyword planner which functions largely in the same manner as the keyword tool did before it went away. There will be a learning curve for many people as the keyword planning tool is not as basic as the keyword tool was and it delivers information a little differently.

The new keyword planning tool gives a more general number for search traffic. They use an algorithm that uses broad, phrase and exact match traffic and also by adding mobile traffic. This is both good and bad.

I still think the best option is to pick up a copy of Market Samurai or Longtail Pro. You can always try them for free if you want. You can get a big instant rebate too.

The Google keyword planner is not going to provide information as accurately as the Google keyword tool that is now gone.

You can keep doing simple and effective keyword research though by using Longtail Pro or Market Samurai.


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