Market Samurai Discount Only $60

Get Market Samurai at Discount for Only $60 Today!!!Market Samurai Discount

After hearing about a bunch of first-time internet marketing “newbies” using this TOP SECRET Market Samurai software to easily capture front-page rankings, traffic and sales in their first few weeks online, I had to check it out.

If you want the secret to quick, profitable, high traffic Google rankings – the secret is finding the “right” keywords…

And this tool will help you achieve just that. Market Samurai is by far the best keyword research tool available. A lot of people use it and agree that it’s the best software out there for keyword discovery.

Market Samurai normally sells for $149.  If you sign up for the free trial you will have the option of buying the full version for $97 but if you buy through my site you will receive a $37 rebate to your PayPal account within 48 hours.  Making that a total savings of  $89 from the regular price.  You won’t find this price anywhere else.

Get Your Discount Market Samurai for Only $60

Not $149

Not $97

Only $60!!!

Limited Time Only


You won’t find it this cheap anywhere else on the net and you don’t need a promo code.  You’ll get a Market Samurai Discount of 60% off regular price.  This is a great deal for you and by following some basic instructions you will quickly be on your way to finding profitable niches and keywords.

To Get Your Discount Market Samurai Follow These Simple Steps at the Rebate Page Here:

Step 1- Clear your cookies from your web browser first. If you don’t I won’t be credited for the sale and I won’t be able to issue you the rebate. It is also EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: If you’ve previously signed up for a Market Samurai trial account, you MUST use a DIFFERENT e-mail address for the account you sign up with under my affiliate link. The email you’ve already used for the previous account will be tagged with the persons link you first clicked. Again, this will make it so I will not get credit for your purchase. I really want to give you this special offer but I must get credit for the sale in order to do so.

Step 2-  Now that you’ve cleared your cookies and made sure the email address you’re using hasn’t been used with Market Samurai before you can CLICK MY AFFILIATE LINK HERE TO PURCHASE MARKET SAMURAI.  You will be directed to sign up for the free trial version of Market Samurai. Sign up for the free trial.  Once you’ve downloaded the free trial, you will be offered the full version of Market Samurai for $97.  Purchase the full version from this window using your PayPal account.

Step 3-  Once you’ve made your purchase and received your PayPal receipt in your email forward your PayPal receipt to me at REBATEDISCOUNT@GMAIL.COM    Once I receive your email and Paypal receipt I will confirm that you’ve purchased through my affiliate link and I will send your $37 rebate to your PayPal account within 48 hours.  Getting your Market Samurai Discount is as simple as that! 


 I guarantee that you will receive your $37 rebate discount in your PayPal account within 48 hours. 

market samurai discount

I just ask that if for some reason you decide to cancel Market Samurai and use their full money back guarantee, please send me back the rebate.  I will lose my commission if you cancel Market Samurai.  

I hope you find this software as valuable as I have.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at is not part of Noble Samurai. We only offer their products at the lowest prices around.

218 thoughts on “Market Samurai Discount Only $60”

  1. On January 25, 2018 I purchased Market Samurai following the instructions above.

    Later that day I received my $37 Rebate from

    Quick and Easy.

    Thank You!

  2. I bought market samurai from this blog

    I received a rebate in less than 4 hours as you promised

    Excellent service all very well this is a real deal.

    Recommended for everyone


  3. Excellent Service, Im purchase marketsamurai from this blog link, then sending the copy of PayPal receipt to his mail.Not more then 24 hours I got the rebate as promised in my account.The software is originally and work you promised.Hope you business growth. Recommended for everyone ..A+++

  4. Like several others, I was somewhat apprehensive at first but then thought, nothing ventured, nothing gained!
    So, after following the instructions and forwarding proof of purchase, I received the rebate as promised within 24 hours.

    With the rebate came a question, whether I would be willing to leave a comment. After having kept their side of the bargain, I am more than happy to do so.

    So I can confirm that it is legitimate and still active!

  5. I wasn’t sure if this offer was still valid but I followed the directions and sent my PayPal receipt. I got my $37 rebate back in less than 24 hours. Thanks!

  6. Thanks Van 🙂 True to your word, you do rebate within 24hrs, even better, within 5 hours. If you are a prospective buyer reading this, this is not hype, its real!!

  7. Thank you so much for the rebate!!! To all the others: If you are looking for a really cheap deal for a great SEO tool then paying via this site is the way to go!!

  8. Thanks for the rebate. Like many others, I was a little bit apprehensive about getting a rebate, however, I read through some of the comments here and noticed the other people felt exactly the same.

    About 10 hours I got an e-mail from PayPal informing me that I had indeed been sent a payment. The owner has asked me to write a comment to show that this is a genuine offer. I figured that since he promised his side of the deal that I would write this comment for those who aren’t sure.

    Thanks again.

  9. Hi All,

    I am from Singapore, the discount is real. I got my rebate $37 as promised. The deal is still valid and the copy is real not fake.

    Seller is trustworthy and willing to admit mistake. The rebate was first sent to wrong email, after posting my comment. Seller respond fast, checked and resent my rebate.

    I accept your apologise ^_^. Your respond is swift, really my pleasure to purchase thru this link.

    Thank you seller, you had given me the best deal I ever got.

  10. To be honest I was skeptical about the rebate thinking I’d probably only get the “official” discount from the trial ($97 price) and that this guy wouldn’t send the rebate.

    Glad to be wrong on this occasion, not only did I receive my rebate with a polite message but I got really quickly within just a couple of hours.

    So for anyone else who is doubting, this guy is actually genuine and true to his word, rare thing on the internet these days!

    Thanks for my rebate and the software is awesome by the way 🙂

  11. This is the best deal for Market Samurai from a trustworthy affiliate. I received the $37 rebate in about 24 hours (Germany). Thank you very much Casey!

  12. This is a great deal guys!
    As promised I got the rebate from paypal after about 5 hours
    honest seller ” DO NOT HESITATE “.

  13. Honest seller!
    Received my rebate within a few hours after my purchase.
    Glad that I found this discount before I made my purchase.
    Thanks again!

  14. I was wondering if your rebate offer is still valid in 2016. And fortunately it is 🙂

    Thanks for your offer and the detailed description for the process to get the rebate. I was very pleased to get your Paypal-Payment within only six hours after my purchase.

  15. Vouch for this great deal, it is 100% legit! I followed the clear instructions given and purchased Market Samurai for the discounted price of $97. I then completed the other steps given above in order to get another $37 back. Within 24 hours I received my $37 PayPal refund from this great offer giving me the Market Samurai program for $60 total. Thank you very much!

  16. Hi Ted, I sent your rebate out in 14 hours after I got your email. I checked my PayPal account and it looks like you accepted my payment. Thanks for your purchase, glad I could offer you this great deal.

  17. Thanks! Got my rebate the next day. Thanks for this. If you don’t already have Market Samurai, get it from this guy. Best discount on the net!

  18. It’s a mazing deal. I didn’t find 60 dollar deal anywhere in Web. The rebate ($37) came to my PayPal account within 48 hours as promised by the seller. Highly appreciated.

  19. Fantastic Deal!! you can not get any better than this….
    and this guy is honest, i got the rebate the very next day!!
    so satisfied with the service.
    thank you so much…

    Highly recommended!!

  20. You can definitely trust this offer, it’s an honest and best price for Market Samurai. Got my rebate within 48 hours. Thank you so much !

  21. We’re probably all a little skeptical of these kind of offers, but I’m happy to report this one is real. Paid 97 and was refunded 37 within 24 hours. A great price on a valuable tool. Thanks!

  22. This guy & the discount is genuine.
    My rebate email caused some issues which he ironed out & forwarded the payment immediately.

    Great customer service in addition to the discount offer.

  23. As promised, I received a $37 rebate in just over an hour of providing the receipt. Thank you so much for the generous offer!

  24. Thanks for the rebate!
    I was a little skeptical at first but thought that all I had to lose was not getting the $37 rebate.
    I followed the instructions and within 12hrs I had the rebate on my Paypal account!!
    Awesome work, definitely recommend it!

  25. I just received my rebate via PayPal. Very fast! I looked online and this is actually the cheapest way to get the full version of this software (I had my doubts but you’re the real thing). Thanks A lot!

  26. Guys, this is just awesome. I as admin of my website (sorry for not disclosing my name), was looking for to buy Market samurai with some discounts. Here I got everything. $97 initial price and rebate of $37 received after 14 hrs, so final price is $ 60. Love you.

  27. This Guy is Awesome!
    I was going to buy Market Samurai anyhow whether there is cashback or not.
    Just out of curiosity I bought from his Affiliate Link, followed his instructions, & as mentioned got the Rebate $37 within 24 hours itself. 🙂


  28. Thanks so much for the rebate as you promised! This discount is real and even with time zone differences, I received my rebate of $37 within 12 hours! 🙂
    Will be checking out your site for other deals in future!

  29. At first I was a little skeptical, so I did a little research online to see if this was a scam. I didn’t find anything, so I decided to give it a try. I am happy to say this is 100% legitimate. I received my $37 rebate the very next day. Thanks for everything.

  30. Dear Mark, Thank you very much for creditting the rebate of US$ 37 to my PayPal account. In fact, as you promised, I received the rebate in less than 12 hours after I purchased the Market Samurai. I must say this is an excellent deal…… May God Bless You.

  31. Thanks a bunch. You may have to remind him if it doesn’t show up within 24 hours as your email may have ended up in his spam folder. Received the rebate as promised within 48 hours. Super deal!

  32. I admit I was scared as hell for some reason. I have no idea how a scam would work for this anyway, but I now see it is you who takes the real risk. The software is incredible and well worth the $97 to begin with but for $60 it is a no-brainer. I got my rebate the very next morning so thank you for your honesty and a great deal!

  33. Thanks so much for the good honest service! Got my rebate in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend this deal to people. This saved me money that I can now use on something else. Thanks for being a man of your word!

  34. Hello everyone,

    I received as promised rebate of $ 37 and credited to my paypal account after sending the email. Just follow the instructions correctly, that’s all.
    I saved money through him. This is not a joke.

    Thank you for this discount, market samurai is now very boring at this price.
    Sorry for the google translation, I’m french.

    Good day and thank you again!

  35. Fantastic money in my PayPal account when I woke up & checked my email.
    I purchased it late last night as had been considering it for sometime & with the extra $37 rebate it made it a no brainer. My account was credited within a few hours like I said so when I woke it was there.

    Great, very happy another great vendor who keeps his promise when the instructions are followed.

    Thank you, Mike Australia

  36. Hey thank you so much. This is a great deal. I am not really in a great place financially and those 37$ meant a lot to me. So thanks again brother.

  37. hey thanks again bro. it was almost last min and i stumbled upon you right before i was about to purchase it. And what you know saved 35$. Man of his word. Could have been faster on the rebate tho 15mins just was way too long. Lol

  38. Like everyone below said, got the rebate in under a day. Saved a bunch of money off a program I wanted to buy anyway, great!

  39. Rebate delivered as promised and within the same day of purchasing….fantastic deal..great software…Thanks!

  40. Rebate received the same evening! If you plan to purchase Market Samurai buy from Casey…. honest and reliable seller. Thank you so much! It was such an easy purchase too.

  41. This is the real deal! I got my rebate in less than an hour.

    Thanks for the honest deal. It’s great to save this money right now!

    I had initially purchased through another website on the first page of Google that says they give you a rebate but when I tried to collect they wouldn’t send my money. So I got a refund and came here and these guys sent my rebate right away.

    Thanks again 🙂

  42. this deal is the best around, fast and F***** Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t take advantage of this deal you are nearly retarded.

  43. Payment recieved within 24 hours and I think that’s only because of time difference!!! Much appreciated and definitely will recommend!

    thanks Van!

  44. This offer is Legit…received my rebate payment the same day of purchasing Market Samurai…Great response time…Thanks

  45. This still works! I was a bit skeptical because the comments were so old but I still got it! You should put the comments from most recent displaying first 🙂

  46. I got my rebate in less than an hour!

    Like others, I was skeptical, but it worked. If you follow the instructions, it really works!!

    Thank you so much.

    Vanessa from Canada!

  47. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL . . . I have to admit I was suspicious and hesitant, but I got my rebate from Van in less than 30 minutes. Thank you Van!!!

  48. This is just awesome. Purchased, sent my details, rebooted my puter and Paypal had already sent me $37. Getting Market Samurai for $60 is just marvelous. Many thanks for your great offer.

  49. rebate worked for me thanks

    Van Living sent you $37.00 USD

    Transaction ID: 15552215N7009080K
    Hello Kevin Javitz,

    Just thought you’d like to know Van Living sent you $37.00 USD.

  50. The rebate arrived into our PayPal account lickety-split!!! EXACTLY as promised.

    No need for hesitation.

    Buy Market Samurai through Casey with confidence.

  51. Casey is definitely a man of his word!

    Purchased the full version of Market Samurai at 9:43am Eastern…my 37.00 rebate was in my PayPal account at 1:25pm the same day!

    Casey, thank you so much for the huge discount and rebate offer!

    Have a fantastic and productive day!

    Your friend,

    Sam Prindle

  52. Thanks for the awesome deal. It’s good to see honesty like this on the web these days. Much appreciated!
    I’ll be sure to send all of my friends your way if they’re looking to buy Market Samurai.

  53. Being honest I though this was a joke… But I got my $37 refund in less than 24 hours. Thank you 🙂 and now I have the best keyword research tool EVER 🙂

  54. Wow. I bought Market Samurai and sent in my Paypal receipt and less than 5 minutes later I had an email from PayPal telling me I had $37 waiting for me!

  55. This guy is honest and does what he promises. To tell the truth I wasn’t expecting to receive the rebate at all (I am kinda the guy who mistrusts everyone) but he did deliver and was courteous and nice. Even gave me some nice advice via email. I am bookmarking this page…I am sure we’ll see again in the near future! Thank you so much for the pleasant buying experience!

  56. Was a bit nervous about this rebate deal but true to his word, less than 12 hours after my purchase, the rebate was in my Paypal account! Thanks Casey!

  57. Market Samurai rebate delivered as promised in under 12 hours! Thanks Casey, nice to know there are still honest people out here!

  58. Real deal! Same day 🙂 Thank you for the rebate! Totally worth full price but hey, ask and you shall receive!


  59. Must admit: in the beginning a bit unshore like others but it’s the real deal and saves you a lot of money!
    Got it within 2 hours.

  60. Folks, this is a real deal — the best on the web for Market Samurai! Very smooth transaction indeed. Just follow the instructions on this page. I got my rebate in few hours after I forwarded my PapPal receipt.


  61. Must admit I was a bit “uncertain” about your offer but I’m glad I finally purchased Market Samurai via your link as I only used $60 (-_-)
    Thanks for keeping your word Casey!
    (I received my Rebate within 5 hours)

  62. Thank you for the fast rebate! It is greatly appreciated.
    I received my rebate within 4 hours! Great service! Thanks!

  63. Wow! i thought that this rebate offer was too good to be true but guess what. I got the $35 in my paypal account in just a few minutes after the purchase.

  64. Casey emailed me within a few hours or my question and then processed the rebate within 15 minutes of my order! This was awesome to get Market Samurai at such a discounted price.

  65. Thank you for the fast rebate! It is greatly appreciated.
    Market Samurai is fantastic and I’ve been so happy with the results it’s giving me. Plus the videos are very helpful with getting started.

  66. Received our rebate as advertised. Excellent service and a great deal. This software, Market Samurai is unbelievable! – jammed full of “useable information and tips” & great videos!!
    Thanks again for the extra savings…means a lot these days.

  67. Thank you very much, Casey. This the best deal.
    Bought at Mar 3, 2013 and get rebate at Mar 3, 2013.
    100% Legit and Highly Recommended!

    Thanks and Best Regards

  68. Wow, that was really fast. Thanks for such a fast rebate. I received my in less then an hour. If you are looking to buy market Samurai, buy through this guys link, he really does what he says he will.

    Thanks Casey.

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